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Rozmowa: Noel Gallagher i RTÉ host(s).

- If you're happy I'd love it more time... Ehh.. hang on. No-Noel, do you wanna give that a listen? And see if...

- Gonna do it once more. Have we got time?

- There's time to do another one, yeah, it does seem to have more spirit in.

- Hmm?

- You sung that with more spirit that time.

- Yeah.

(Rozpoczyna się)

On the shore and the night is slipping through my hands
I fall into the sea like the empire built on the sand
I’ve been thinking 'bout the days when we had no money
That photograph of you, well it still seems funny
Gotta get back to the promised land

So don’t walk away love
There’s never enough that could make me crash on the broken glass
Let the storm rage, I’d die on the waves
But I will not rest while love lies dead in the water

Dead in the water
in the water
dead in the water....

I'm waiting for the calm as the storm is getting under my skin
I'm tryin' to fix the hole in my head where the rain gets in
It's dripping in my ear, and it don't sound funny
Gonna take you out when I get some money
Trying to get it back to the promised land


(Na końcu)

Noel i RTÉ host.

- Is that new?
- Sorry?
- Is that new?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- It'll do won't it?

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